Meet the Team

 10882245_10152474391240544_8663703346487314761_nChris has been a builder and creator for the majority of his life. He brings a vast store of knowledge from a variety of fields. Since graduating from High school, Chris has worked as a Computer Technician, 3D Animator, Combat Engineer, Systems Engineer, Project Manager and Designer. After a five year stint in the US Army, where he learned about demolitions and structural engineering, Chris received his B.S. in Applied Physics at the University of Idaho in 2013. While attending as an undergrad, Chris worked as an undergraduate research assistant for research related to the conductivity of GaN coated nanosprings and the force measurements of field and non-field cooled superconductors, as part of a larger project dealing with magnetic levitation in energy flywheel storage systems for NASA. Chris also participated in the Near Space Engineering group where
he served as a member of the Structures team, as well as the Science Team Lead when designing payload for High Altitude Balloons.

After graduation from the University of Idaho, Chris took a job at then Dryden Flight Research Center as a Range Systems Engineer at the Western Aeronautical Test Range.
It was here that Chris honed his engineering skills with systems testing and design while working on numerous hardware systems. While working at NASA, Chris began as
a graduate student at the University of North Dakota. He is currently finishing up his last course and will graduate in 2017 with an MS in Space Studies with a focus on Space

A constant learner, contributor and educator, Chris is a member in several organizations including the American Physical Society, National Association of Rocketry, The Planetary Society, Southern Kern Aeronautics and Rocketry, Tripoli Rocketry Association, California Blacksmith Association, American Bladesmith Society, and the Artist-Blacksmith’s Association of North America

Steven is a 37 year old 17yr Technology Professional presently working out of Chicago, IL. When Caputo first decided on a career in Technology he was a freelance graphic designer and wanted to work with peoples technical needs and its administration. In his free time; an artist, a wri
ter, a technologist, a musician, a geek, a gamer, a philosophy and neuroscience junkie.